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We've been putting cool music on commercials for 15 years now and all I can say is that our clients want to be genuinely excited by the music on their spots. Over the years they also asked that this music be cleared of rights before we even played it for them. We listened.
Phil Messier, CEO Apollo Music Store

We work withtop-shelf artists.

In 2013, we made it our goal to bring together ad industry people and the artists they love, and we created Apollo Music Store. Here you will find music for your brand films and spots, and because we've cleared the rights in advance, you can use any track instantly.

We start with music that genuinely inspires us.

We hand-pick every track on Apollo Music Store from some of the best artists in the world and then meticulously clear the rights with their teams. You can call it curation, we call it a labor of love.

We cater to advertising agencies and brands around the world.

We believe that Apollo Music Store represents the realities of today when it comes to sourcing great music. That said, this industry is constantly evolving and we plan on evolving along with it. If you have general feedback or you'd like to see one of your favorite artists on our platform, by all means reach out.